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Customer Service
Contact us to learn more about CargoSmart's solutions, register, sign up for product training, and receive product assistance.
E-mail and Phone Support: Available 24/7, including holidays. CargoSmart’s service pledge is to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.

Live Chat Support: Available to customers signed in to My CargoSmart Center, Monday 7:30AM – Saturday 12:00PM Hong Kong Time (HKT)

Languages: English, Mandarin, and Cantonese
Contact Numbers by Location:
Asia Pacific
Direct: +86-756-363-3000
Local China only, toll free:
10-800-152-1204 (China Telcom - CT)

Hong Kong,China
Direct: +852-2233-8000

Direct: +81-3-3493-2972

Other Asia Pacific Countries
Direct: +852-2233-8932
Local Singapore only, toll free:
Direct: +49-421-16329-0
North America
Direct: +1-408-325-7600