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Logistics Service Providers
Logistics service providers use CargoSmart to increase visibility, process shipment transactions more efficiently, and provide better service for their customers.
The Apex Group
“CargoSmart Private Label Sailing Schedules enabled us to enhance our website with minimal in-house effort and to provide value-added services to our customers.”
- Kevin Bulger, Vice President of Operations, Apex Maritime
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CaroTrans International
"CargoSmart's sailing schedule application pulls all schedules for all carriers where we have contracts. Our FCL and LCL operations teams can use it to confirm transit times and vessels. Our import teams can track schedules. The tool is extremely useful to identify vessel share agreement partners where we have multiple contracts on the same string."
- Matthew Spartz, Vice President Operations, CaroTrans International
Hellmann Worldwide Logistics
"We selected CargoSmart’s solutions to deliver the best quality sailing schedule information available to our stakeholders."
- Jens Pottschul, Vice President, Seafreight Asia, Hellmann
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Maritime Logistics und Operations GmbH (MLO)
"The daily, customized sailing schedules that we receive are a tremendously effective planning tool for our organization in Germany and Russia and help streamline communications with our carriers, suppliers, and consignees."
- Susanne Woidt, Forwarding Department, MLO
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Orient Star Group
"We strive to offer state-of-the-art e-logistics services for our customers. CargoSmart’s private label sailing schedules solution enables us to provide high quality schedules online."
- Richard Chu, Director, Orient Star
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OTX Logistics, Inc.
"CargoSmart’s reliable sailing schedule solutions enable us to easily offer e-commerce capabilities and promote our sea freight services to grow our business."
- Hardy Haenisch, President, OTX Logistics, Inc.
The Panalpina Group
"Connecting to CargoSmart for multiple-carrier sailing schedules complements our strategy to leverage state-of-the-art IT systems to provide the highest level of quality service to our customers."
- Jens Kalter, Global Standards & Governance Manager (FCL), Panalpina
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Shanghai Pan-International Freight Forwarders Ltd
"CargoSmart enables us to provide customized and high-quality sailing schedules online so that our customers can look up schedules anytime. The solution has enhanced customer service levels and increased our competitiveness."
- Ray Lei, General Manager, Pan-International
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Rhenus Logistics Asia-Pacific Ltd.
"After integrating our freight management system with CargoSmart, we have streamlined our operations and saved 25 days a year managing multiple-carrier shipments.”
- Hans-E. Mahncke, Managing Director, Rhenus Logistics Asia-Pacific Ltd.
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Sino Connections Logistics Inc.
"CargoSmart’s intelligent solutions allow us to optimize internal operations and provide our customers with easy-to-use, advanced, online services that help us increase our brand competitiveness."
- Simon Mok, Business Development Manager, Sino Connections
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Transco Shipping
"We are extremely satisfied with CargoSmart's ISF solution and excellent customer service. CargoSmart's solution is easy-to-use and allows us to offer ISF filing as a value-added service for our customers."
- Lee Liu, Sales and Marketing Manager, Transco Shipping
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Universal Shipping, Inc.
"We selected CargoSmart’s sophisticated forwarder operations management system to support our rapidly growing business. CargoSmart demonstrated the expertise, history, and credibility with steamship lines to offer best-in-class service and visibility to our customers."
- Jacob Bech-Hansen, Vice President, Universal Shipping, Inc.
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Vanguard Logistics Services
"CargoSmart’s automated service improves our efficiency by saving our team a lot of time compiling, distributing, and updating sailing schedules."
- Haydn O’Brien, Regional Managing Director, East Asia, Vanguard
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Yusen Logistics
"One of our company’s missions is to use innovative technologies to make continuous business improvements to benefit our customers. Leveraging Route Master’s rich data and analytics power helps us to enhance the service we provide to our customers with intelligent tools for the global logistics industry."
- Chris Kwan, General Manager, Yusen Logistics
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