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CargoSmart Introduces New Shipment Planning Solutions
CargoSmart to showcase trio of solutions at TPM Asia

October 8, 2014 — CargoSmart Limited, a global shipment management software solutions provider that leverages big data for greater visibility and benchmarking, today announced three new ways for shippers and logistics service providers to improve their shipment planning. The solutions include a new version of its private label sailing schedules, a new daily report to monitor sailing schedule changes, and an expanded sailing schedules mobile app that now allows unrestricted schedule search. CargoSmart will be showcasing the shipment planning solutions at the TPM Asia Conference on October 15-16, 2014.

Over the last three months, 20 ocean carriers’ schedules collectively had nearly 22.5 million sailing schedule changes, underscoring the challenges of shipment planning. The latest solutions allow customers to improve import and export shipment management with up-to-date vessel schedule information and historical schedule reliability insight. “We are pleased to offer new solutions for shippers and logistics service providers to make better shipment planning decisions for time-critical shipments,” said Angela Tsang, head of product design and marketing of CargoSmart. “CargoSmart is connecting intelligence about vessel operations with shipment details to provide tools that help shippers optimize their time and resources.”

Using automated software, CargoSmart analyzes global vessel operations as well as ocean carriers’ published schedules to continuously improve the completeness, accuracy, and timeliness of the sailing schedule data that is at the foundation of its shipment planning solutions. CargoSmart monitors factors that can impact vessel schedules such as route deviations, port operations, weather, and vessel speeds to verify schedules with carriers and deliver high-quality sailing schedule data.

CargoSmart’s latest solutions for shippers and logistics service providers to optimize shipment planning include:

Private Label Sailing Schedules – Allows NVOCCs and forwarders to provide ocean carriers’ sailing schedules through their own branded websites. NVOCCs and forwarders may now tailor the schedules available through their website to help their shipper customers plan, customize the schedules with additional fields such as shipping instructions cut-off times and container freight station closing times, and send special promotions to their customers.

Schedule Delay Alert – Notifies shippers and logistics service providers of sailing schedule changes from the time of booking confirmation through arrival at the port of discharge to help plan for cut-off dates, export customs filings, and arrival pickup arrangements. The new daily report provides earlier shipment updates that are based on operational sailing schedule changes, rather than on shipment status notifications that carriers provide after cargo reaches specific milestones.

SSM+ Mobile App – Now allows unrestricted sailing schedule search for all ports and 28 ocean carriers’ schedules. The app includes schedule reliability rankings in the search results and four-week performance trends for 20 carriers across select port-pairs to improve planning when making bookings.

As a gold sponsor and exhibitor, CargoSmart invites TPM Asia attendees to visit its table at the conference to speak with representatives to learn more about the new solutions, see product demonstrations, and receive exclusive product offers.

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CargoSmart Limited provides global shipment management software solutions that enable shippers, consignees, logistics service providers, NVOCCs, and ocean carriers to improve planning and on-time deliveries. Connected to over 30 ocean carriers, CargoSmart leverages big data sources and a cloud-based platform to offer award-winning sailing schedules, visibility, documentation, contract management, compliance, and benchmarking solutions. Launched in 2000, CargoSmart helps over 130,000 transportation and logistics professionals to increase delivery reliability, lower transportation costs, and streamline operations. For more information, please visit

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