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Advanced Solutions
CargoSmart's advanced Exception Management, Milestone Assignments and Shipment Folder solutions integrate with customer processes to provide the next generation of visibility and collaboration. By managing the mass of multiple-carrier shipment information and documentation, and enabling shippers, consignees, and logistics service providers to spot the exceptions, CargoSmart improves workflow and helps keep cargo moving and delivered on time.

CargoSmart Exception Management automatically and intelligently spots exceptions and alerts important parties of key events and critical changes. It includes over 40 standard milestones that ocean carriers update and an unlimited number of user-defined milestones that customers can create to facilitate their internal shipment management processes.

Milestone Assignments allows customers to assign tasks to co-workers and logistics service providers, such as brokers and forwarders. It also allows logistics service providers to assign tasks to associates within and outside of their companies. The third-parties are automatically notified when a task needs to be done, and can update the status of the task directly into CargoSmart.

Shipment Folder helps shippers, consignees, and logistics service providers streamline document workflow management processes. Customers can electronically store and exchange their documents among multiple shipping parties, providing easy and centralized access to any shipment-related document online. With Shipment Folder, companies can monitor critical document exceptions, reduce documentation errors, improve compliance with international trade regulations, and reduce costs.

Key benefits include:
  • Resolve shipment problems sooner with exception detection
  • Avoid or minimize costly delays with proactive exception management
  • More precisely identify problems through the monitoring of over 40 standard milestones
  • Gain efficiencies by monitoring shipment events and documents alongside specific business processes
  • Provide visibility to third party tasks, including document submissions, to help ensure their successful completion
  • Provides easy and centralized access to all documents by shipment
  • Improve document delivery and service levels of supply chain associates
  • Save paper costs with two years of online storage