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As digital data is increasingly used to manage physical cargo movement, the volume of global shipment information grows exponentially every day. How you create value from big shipping data is critical to your success.

Big Schedules is the intelligent sailing schedule search engine that delivers up-to-date schedules and insightful results for you.

Big Schedules accesses multiple data sources, including Internet of Things (IoT) data. We monitor and analyze 7,000 vessels' live movements, covering 90% of the world's container capacity and over 800 global container ports, to provide you with the latest schedules from major ocean carriers. The intelligent features include:

  • Event Monitoring - Stay informed of vessel and port incidents that may impact the sailing schedules you search.
  • Schedule Comparison - Select routes by comparing up to three schedules along with their arrival accuracy.
  • Vessel Tracking - Track the current position and past routes of over 7,000 container vessels on an interactive map. See potential vessel arrival delay alerts in the tracking details to improve planning.
  • Watch List - Subscribe to receive alerts about sailing schedule changes and vessel status updates to respond faster to potential supply chain disruptions.
  • Carrier Performance Analytics - Gain market intelligence on carrier performance and customize analysis options to better fit your business needs.

It's time to elevate shipment planning with the next revolution in big data management. It's fast. It's free. Try it today.

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