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ACI eManifest Information
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As part of Canada’s Advance Commercial Information (ACI) initiative, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will implement the third phase of its eManifest initiative that takes effect in 2014 and requires freight forwarders for all modes of transportation to transmit advance house bill of lading (HBL) data electronically. For most Canada-bound cargo, the data must be received prior to loading and validated by the CBSA before arriving in Canada. Thorough records of previous submissions must be maintained and accessible for over three years.

ACI eManifest Solution
CargoSmart ACI eManifest for Forwarders lets freight forwarders submit timely, complete, and accurate filings to comply with CBSA’s eManifest requirements and streamline their shipment management processes. The solutions help freight forwarders to:
  • Comply with CBSA’s eManifest filing requirements to avoid penalties for inaccurate, late, or missing filings
  • Reduce re-keying effort and improve data accuracy
  • Improve visibility with advanced monitoring of filing process and status
  • Minimize the risk of missing filings and improve service with timely alerts
  • Increase operational efficiency through better collaboration with customers and co-loaders
To learn more about how CargoSmart’s solutions can help you prepare for Canada’s advance electronic house bill data requirements, download a data sheet or schedule a consultation today.