Carrier Performance Analytics

Carrier Performance Analytics provides an interactive online dashboard that lets you measure and analyze your carrier performance and gain market intelligence on carrier performance benchmarking for better decision making. You can compare the performance based on your business needs.

It is available on CargoSmart’s Big Schedules platform and lets you look up carrier performance that is updated on a monthly basis as you are selecting the schedules you would like to book. The powerful features include:

  • On-Time Reliability - Benchmark your carriers' on-time performance and analyze on-time reliability by port pair, carrier, and service.
  • Transit Time Reliability- Compare actual and estimated transit times to view transit time accuracy percentages by port pairs and carriers.
  • Vessel Waiting Time Analysis - Analyze the average waiting times as a portion of the average transit times by port pair and carrier.
  • Route Recommendations - Review system-generated alternate routes with higher reliability to help you compare and evaluate route options.

Carrier Performance Analytics is available on a subscription basis. Download a data sheet, register for Big Schedules Basic to view a sample analytics dashboard, or subscribe to Big Schedules Analytics to start analyzing routes today.