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CargoSmart's collaboration solutions are available on application and integration
Collaboration Solutions
Ensuring that global shipments are delivered on time requires multiple parties in the supply chain to work together to ship the cargo and share information about its status. CargoSmart's collaboration solutions allow customers to securely delegate responsibility to specific shipment-related tasks and provide visibility to shipment information. CargoSmart enables shippers, consignees, and logistics service providers to improve communication and workflow among their network of supply chain associates.


Milestone Assignments
Assign specific tasks to co-workers and logistics service providers; automatically notify associates when a task needs to be done; allow associates to update the status directly into CargoSmart.

Shipment Folder
Electronically store and exchange documents among multiple shipping parties, providing easy and centralized access to any shipment-related document online.


Relationship Manager
Share access to shipment information with other members of the supply chain who are not a party on the B/L.

Shipment Filtering
Specify the shipments to be viewed and managed by internal staff, and specify the shipments for which visibility can be shared with external parties.