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Solutions for Consignees
We know from working with thousands of consignees worldwide that they aim for on-time deliveries, ever-shorter delivery cycles, and lower costs to improve their competitive advantage. Lack of shipment visibility, shipment delays, and late submission of documentation can lead to costly consequences. CargoSmart offers consignees advanced visibility, shipment execution, supply chain collaboration, and compliance solutions to minimize delays and transit times, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

Benefits for consignees include:
  • Boost on-time deliveries with broad shipment visibility and early exception warnings
  • Avoid or minimize costly delays with proactive exception management
  • Reduce costs by avoiding detention and demurrage charges
  • Streamline manual processes with online shipment management tools
  • Improve supply chain efficiencies by extending visibility to associated third parties

Learn more about how CargoSmart's consignee solutions can help you improve your shipment management processes:
Supply Chain Visibility
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