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Fun Fact
Did you know that for every 8,333 pages managed and stored online, a tree is saved?* This is equivalent to a shipper printing 2,778 bills of lading with an average of three pages each.

* Claudia Thompson, Recycled Papers: The Essential Guide (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1992)
Green Solutions
CargoSmart's documentation management solutions help shippers, logistics service providers, and Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCCs) go green by reducing paper in the supply chain. Using CargoSmart's solutions decreases the need to print and send shipping industry documents, frees up valuable office and storage space that require resources to maintain, and supports corporate sustainability initiatives.

Tradition of Paper Documentation
Shippers and transportation intermediaries manage numerous documents including shipping orders, shipping instructions, bills of lading, packing lists, commercial invoices, purchase orders, certificates of origin, and security filings. Companies generate multiple copies and distribute documents to supply chain associates inside and outside of their corporate networks. Companies also store shipping documents for auditing purposes for up to seven years, requiring additional resources to maintain and manage the necessary storage space. These practices can leave a wide carbon footprint, from the consumption of natural resources to an increase in fossil fuel emissions.

Going Green with CargoSmart's Documentation Solutions
For nearly 10 years, shippers and transportation intermediaries have used CargoSmart’s solutions to minimize their impact on the environment while engaging in international trade. CargoSmart’s electronic documentation services help customers go green and lower costs in the following ways:

Minimize printing and faxing of hard copy documents

Customers use CargoSmart’s shipment execution solutions to process their documentation online, including shipping instructions, booking requests, bills of lading, and arrival notices. Processing documentation online with service providers helps customers minimize printing and faxing hard copy documents.

Decrease the need for transporting and storing physical documents
CargoSmart's Shipment Folder solution allows customers to store any document online for up to seven years and have it securely accessible to the parties in their supply chains. Online storage decreases the need to transport documents to other parties or to storage facilities and maintain document storage areas.

Enable supply chain associates to go green
CargoSmart's Shipment Folder solution also provides tools to share documents electronically with key parties in the supply chain and request information to compile documents electronically. Using document workflow tools encourages supply chain associates to go green by managing the documentation process online between divisions and companies.


NVOCCs Go Green

NVOCCs must manage a large volume of documents for all of their customers. CargoSmart provides a cost-effective and secure online documentation system that allows NVOCCs to realize additional green benefits and cost savings.

  • Online, secure storage for shipping documents
  • Easy retrieval and management of clients' electronic documents
  • Private label options to provide online document access for clients