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Product Information Sheets Product Information Sheets
Product Overview
Company Brochure
Supply Chain Visibility
Schedule Delay Alert
Cargo Tracking
Shipment Details
Milestone Notifications
Shipment Exception Alerts
Shipment Reports
Supply Chain Collaboration
Milestone Assignments
Shipment Folder
Relationship Manager
Shipment Filtering
Business Process Outsourcing
Shipment Execution
Sailing Schedules
Sailing Schedules - Mobile
Booking Request
Shipping Instructions
B/L Print
Arrival Notice
Rates of Exchange
Invoices and Payment
Trade Compliance
ACE e-Manifest
Importer Security Filing
Electronic Export Information
ACI eManifest
Japan Advance Filing Rules
EU24 Visibility Suite
Integration Solutions
Integration Implementation Guides Integration Implementation Guides
Message Description UN/EDIFACT ANSI-X.12 Other
Booking Request IFTMBF D99B 300 XML
Booking Confirmation IFTMBC D99B 301 XML
Shipping Instructions IFTMIN D99B 304 XML
Manifest or B/L Information IFTMCS D99B 310 XML
Shipment Milestone Status IFTSTA D99B 315 XML
Message Acknowledgement APERAK D99B 997 XML
Control Message CONTRL D99B N/A N/A
Invoice IFTFCC D99B N/A N/A
Verified Gross Mass VERMAS D16A N/A N/A
Certificate for Transmission Protocol SFTP/AS2