Sanction List
Are you facing challenges identifying whether your shipment parties have been listed as official denied companies or are sanctioned by a government for illegal acts? Have you experienced penalties, fines, or loss of export privileges because of a gap in your screening process?

In order to help customers screen shipment parties more effectively and to be compliant with government regulations, CargoSmart offers sanction list integration with its documentation and customs filing solutions, including Booking Request, Shipping Instructions, Importer Security Filing (ISF) and Electronic Export Information (EEI).

CargoSmart’s integrated sanction list function helps validate your shipment parties against the latest sanction list when you input the party information. CargoSmart downloads and consolidates screening lists from several sites to maintain the up-to-date sanction list. The consolidated data covers lists from the United States, the European Union, and the United Nations. By adopting CargoSmart’s sanction list integration, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Learn more about the CargoSmart solutions integrated with the sanction list feature:
  • Save time logging into government websites for the latest sanction lists
  • Automate your party screening process on a single platform
  • Align your screening process across multiple business units
CargoSmart also offers consolidated sanction list data through Web services integration. To learn more, contact