Schedule Delay Alert
CargoSmart’s Schedule Delay Alert leverages high quality, consolidated sailing schedule data from multiple sources and uses intelligent tools to help shippers and logistics service providers identify schedule changes that may impact their shipments.

CargoSmart provides schedule change reports based on the schedules of your shipments so that you can respond faster to potential supply chain disruptions. The reports include schedule change details for over 20 ocean carriers’ vessels that have estimated or actual departure and arrival time changes of more than 24 hours. The schedule change details are available by email and APIs.

Timely Alert of Schedule Changes
  • Save time looking up schedules to monitor critical shipments
  • Respond faster to potential supply chain disruptions
  • Manage export documentation deadlines that are due by 24 hours before vessel departure
  • Enhance customer service with improved shipment visibility of vessel status and delay information
How It Works
  • Subscribe to alerts based on your shipment data in CargoSmart:
    When you manage your multiple-carrier shipments through CargoSmart in the form of online or EDI bookings, shipping instructions, or cargo tracking, CargoSmart’s system automatically identifies all vessel voyages related to your shipments by port-pair so that you can start monitoring your schedules immediately and conveniently.
  • Subscribe to alerts based on your vessel voyage information:
    If you would like to receive schedule change alerts for shipments that are not in CargoSmart’s system, you can subscribe to specific schedules by entering carrier, port pair, and vessel voyage information.
To learn more about the solution, schedule a free consultation or download a data sheet and sample report.