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SOLAS VGM Solutions
On July 1, 2016, a new regulation from the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) went into effect. It requires the shipper named on the ocean bill of lading to provide the container carrier and the terminal operator with the verified gross mass (VGM) of a packed container.

Flexible, Integrated Solutions
CargoSmart’s VGM solutions let shippers submit the VGM information to ocean carriers flexibly and on time to comply with the new requirements. The flexible solutions allow shippers and designated third parties to:
  • Minimize changes to existing shipping execution processes
  • Submit the VGM in shipping instructions or a separate form (VERMAS) through online, EDI, or mobile platforms
  • Improve collaboration with related parties
  • Have clear visibility to submission status
  • Minimize the risk of late submissions
  • Control costs for complying with the new requirements
VGM Solutions Free of Charge
Shippers who submit their booking requests or shipping instructions through CargoSmart, qualify to submit the corresponding VGMs to their carriers through CargoSmart at no charge. CargoSmart also offers its VGM solutions to shippers who do not submit booking requests or shipping instructions through CargoSmart.
BoxSnap Mobile App for VGM
Compatible with CargoSmart’s online SOLAS solutions, BoxSnap allows you to capture and share ocean container details from your smartphone. The app leverages optical character recognition (OCR) technology to capture the container number, container type, and tare weight information.
To learn more about how CargoSmart’s solutions can help you comply with the SOLAS container weight requirements, visit the SOLAS VGM resources page or schedule a free consultation today.