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CargoSmart is creating a whole new visibility model for ocean shippers and logistics service providers to monitor their shipments. The rules of the game are changing in the global shipping and logistics industry. CargoSmart’s innovative methods offer insights for the industry to manage the 5% of shipments that have exceptions.

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December 2012 Issue Highlights

* Los Angeles and Long Beach Port Strike: CargoSmart's Global Vessel Voyage Monitoring Center (GVVMC) has been monitoring vessel activity on the US West Coast. We share our team's analysis from AIS live vessel updates and carriers’ latest sailing schedules.

* Vessel Delays after Hurricane Sandy: In the month following Hurricane Sandy, we found 74% of the vessels were delayed and delays are still occurring. We share delay figures and reasons for the ongoing delays.

* Global Vessel Voyage Monitoring Center (GVVMC): We spoke with the center's manager to share information about how the center identifies shipment exceptions.

* Visibility Blog: Share and discuss your shipment delay experiences and opinions with other shipment parties at

Premier November 2012 Issue Highlights

* Eye on the Storm: After Hurricane Sandy on October 29, the Port of New York and New Jersey closed. Over 40,000 import containers are being diverted. Discover CargoSmart’s analysis of the vessel activity on the East Coast.

* Global Vessel Voyage Monitoring Center (GVVMC): Alex Ng manages the complex vessel monitoring and analysis that takes place at CargoSmart’s GVVMC. Alex provides background on the center and its role providing the data and analysis for Innovating.

* The Captain’s View: CargoSmart’s Senior Marine Operations and Fleet Management Advisor, Captain L C Chan, shares insight about the safety, speed, and ETA decisions made onboard one vessel at sea during the hurricane.