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Maritime Logistics und Operations GmbH (MLO)
"The daily, customized sailing schedules that we receive are a tremendously effective planning tool for our organization in Germany and Russia and help streamline communications with our carriers, suppliers, and consignees."
- Susanne Woidt, Forwarding Department, MLO
Maritime Logistics und Operations GmbH (MLO), a Germany-based freight forwarder, uses CargoSmart's Customized Sailing Schedule to save time with sailing schedule queries and streamline the planning process with its branch offices and customers.

MLO ( manages the logistics of transporting forestry products from Russia to destinations worldwide. MLO traditionally used phones and faxes to look up and communicate up-to-date sailing schedule information to its branch offices and customers. The company needs an easy, cost-effective solution to plan customers' sailing schedules and share information with associate companies.

CargoSmart Solution
MLO uses CargoSmart's easy-to-use inbound and outbound shipment execution features to streamline its shipment process with carriers and customers. MLO finds CargoSmart's Customized Sailing Schedule feature particularly useful for automating its sailing schedule look-up process. CargoSmart's Customized Sailing Schedule provides the following benefits for MLO:
Easy to use. MLO easily set up its Customized Sailing Schedules from the Sailing Schedule module in CargoSmart. MLO now receives personalized, automatically-generated e-mailed reports. 

Saves time. MLO set up regularly e-mailed customized sailing schedules that save it time by not having to re-key sailing schedule criteria or even having to log in to CargoSmart. Additionally, with current, customized schedules, MLO avoids long, expensive phone calls.
By using CargoSmart's easy-to-use Customized Sailing Schedules, MLO finds shipment planning to be smooth sailing.