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Pan-International Increases Competitiveness with CargoSmart’s Private Label Sailing Schedules
"CargoSmart enables us to provide customized and high-quality sailing schedules online so that our customers can look up schedules anytime. The solution has enhanced customer service levels and increased our competitiveness."
- Ray Lei, General Manager, Shanghai Pan-International Freight Forwarders Ltd
Challenge: Competitive Customer Service Levels
Shanghai Pan-International Freight Forwarders Ltd ( was established in 1998 and is a licensed Class-A freight forwarder in China. Headquartered in Shanghai, Pan-International has branches in cities in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China with an extensive agent network covering the major ports in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Americas, Australia, and New Zealand. Pan-International has long-term cooperation with major shipping companies for routes in different regions around the world.

Before adopting CargoSmart’s solution, Pan-International spent a lot of time compiling multiple-carrier sailing schedule data from emails and checking carriers’ websites. It was a very time-consuming way to manage schedules. Moreover, Pan-International’s customers demanded high quality schedules and could not accept one or two-day deviations that might affect their shipment plans. The way Pan-International managed its schedules was an obstacle to enhance service levels. In addition, the company found that many competitors started to offer electronic services. Pan-International wanted to leverage an effective sailing schedule management solution to improve its customer service and online offerings.

Solution: Customized, High Quality Online Schedule Search
CargoSmart’s Private Label Sailing Schedules allows Pan-International to provide its customers with a customized sailing schedule search function on its website. CargoSmart’s system automatically updates the schedule data every day. Pan-International’s customers can look up and compare the latest schedules to select the best schedules for their bookings based on their business needs. The solution also lets Pan-International provide an online catalogue of route services as an additional sales channel to attract new customers.

Results: Enhanced Competitive Advantage
After implementing CargoSmart’s Private Label Sailing Schedules, Pan-International has experienced the following benefits:
  • Improved the accuracy and completeness of schedule data with time-saving and automatic updates
  • Expanded its sales channels with an online service catalog available anytime
  • Increased customer satisfaction with accurate and timely schedules available through a centralized platform