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Sailing Schedule Management

CargoSmart provides interactive sailing schedules and allows shippers and logistics service providers to accurately plan shipments with over 30 connected ocean carriers.

CargoSmart analyzes global vessel operations as well as ocean carriers’ published schedules to continuously improve the completeness, accuracy, and timeliness of its sailing schedules. CargoSmart monitors factors that can impact vessel schedules, such as route deviations, weather, port operations, and vessel speeds to verify schedules with carriers and deliver high-quality sailing schedule data.

CargoSmart’s suite of sailing schedule solutions allow shippers and logistics service providers to improve import and export shipment management with up-to-date vessel schedule information and historical schedule reliability insight.

Access Sailing Schedules Through Multiple Platforms
  • Web Services - Receive data only when requested and save on transmission and data storage costs
  • Big Schedules Mobile App - Look up multiple-carrier sailing schedules and track live vessel locations on-the-go
Optimize Your Shipment Planning with Quality Schedules
  • Minimize costs to maintain up-to-date schedule data
  • Provide schedules on a centralized platform for your customers
  • Elevate your company’s brand image with advanced online solutions
  • Improve multiple-carrier shipment planning with reliable data