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Panalpina Saves Time Managing Carrier Schedule Information with CargoSmart’s Sailing Schedules
"Connecting to CargoSmart for multiple-carrier sailing schedules complements our strategy to leverage state-of-the-art IT systems to provide the highest level of quality service to our customers."
- Jens Kalter, Global Standards & Governance Manager (FCL), Panalpina

Challenge: Efficient Schedule Management
The Panalpina Group ( is one of the world's leading suppliers of forwarding and logistics services, specializing in global supply chain management solutions and intercontinental air freight and ocean freight shipments and associated supply chain management solutions. The Panalpina Group operates a close-knit network with some 500 branches in over 80 countries.

Increasing carrier alliances, vessel diversions, and rolled shipments result in frequent changes to carriers’ schedules and make it critical for logistics service providers to have access to reliable schedule information. Panalpina wanted to save time compiling, distributing, and managing its carriers' sailing schedules. Manually obtaining and updating schedule information was very time-consuming for its staff. The operations team needed up-to-date schedule information to accurately plan shipments with multiple carriers.

Solution: Sailing Schedule Integration with CargoSmart
Panalpina connected to CargoSmart to receive sailing schedules for 20 ocean carriers through its global in-house transportation management system by Web services. Integrating by Web services, rather than by EDI or XML, provides several benefits for Panalpina. EDI and XML updates are sent continuously between systems at scheduled intervals, while Web services updates are made as requests come through Panalpina's in-house system. Panalpina saves on transmission and data storage costs and accesses more up-to-date schedule information by only receiving data as it is needed.

Results: Enhanced Operational Efficiencies
Integrating with CargoSmart's sailing schedules helps Panalpina to reduce the time-consuming tasks of looking up and maintaining schedules, so that they can focus on other aspects of delivering top quality customer service. Panalpina experiences the following benefits:

  • Streamlines the management of its sailing schedules and saved its operations team time
  • High quality data allows accurate shipment planning with multiple carriers
  • Strengthens the ocean services it provides to its customers with more accurate and up-to-date schedules in its booking system