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The global shipping and logistics industry is rapidly adopting mobile devices including smartphones and tablets to carry out daily business activities. To provide innovative products and services that consistently meet or exceed customers’ requirements and evolving expectations, CargoSmart offers mobile apps to help customers manage their business processes on-the-go.

BoxSnap Mobile App

BoxSnap is CargoSmart’s newest mobile app innovation. Leveraging optical character recognition (OCR) technology, the app lets you collect and share ocean container details from your smartphone anytime, anywhere. You can capture the information simply by taking a photo of the container door. Additionally, the app is compatible with CargoSmart’s online solutions for submitting the verified gross mass (VGM) to your carriers so that you or your designated third-parties can provide the data through the app. The BoxSnap app allows you to:

  • Capture the container number, container type, and tare weight from a photo of the container door
  • Supplement cargo weight details and make any necessary changes
  • Receive alerts if the container information requires any changes or the weight figures do not match
  • Share container photos and information with your shipping parties through email and other apps
  • Save records in the app for future VGM or container information submission
  • Provide VGM information automatically through the app if you are designated as a third-party to provide the VGM through CargoSmart

The BoxSnap app is available for iPhone® and Android™. Download the app today to experience the powerful features.

SSM+ Mobile App

SSM+ delivers multiple-carrier sailing schedules and schedule reliability to your mobile device. Schedule reliability is integrated with the schedule search results, so that you can quickly select the best routes for your shipments anytime and anywhere. CargoSmart compiles schedules from multiple sources to ensure high quality schedule data and reliability results. The app offers sailing schedule search for over 30 ocean carriers’ schedules. The SSM+ mobile app allows you to:

  • Access up-to-date ocean carrier sailing schedules on-the-go
  • Save time looking up schedules
  • Review schedule reliability to determine the best sailings for your bookings
  • Navigate and sort schedule results quickly and easily
  • Email or SMS schedules to colleagues or customers directly from your mobile device

The SSM+ app is available for iPhone® and Android™. Download the app today to experience the powerful features.

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