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Visibility Solutions
CargoSmart's supply chain visibility solutions deliver timely information about sailing schedule changes, shipment status, state-of-the-art exception management alerts about potential delays, and business intelligence reports to measure and optimize supply chain performance.


Carrier Performance Analytics
Interactive online dashboard that lets you measure and analyze carrier performance and gain market intelligence on carrier performance benchmarking for better decision making; compare the performance based on specific business needs.

Schedule Delay Alert
Receive alerts and reports of sailing schedule changes to respond faster to potential supply chain disruptions; enhance shipment planning and customer service with improved shipment visibility of vessel status and delay information.


Cargo Tracking
Follow shipments as they progress through the shipment cycle.

Shipment Details
View critical shipment information including shipment status, parties, container and cargo details, routing, freight charges, reference numbers, and last free dates on one page.

Shipment Reports
Schedule to receive customized reports containing consolidated shipment information from multiple carriers.

E-mail Notifications
Subscribe to event-driven e-mail notifications and alerts to inform you about shipment activities and when major changes to shipment plans occur.

Arrival Notice/Advice Note
Receive arrival notices by e-mail; share with other shipping associates such as designated 3PLs, forwarders, customs house brokers, and truckers to notify them when a shipment is available for pick-up.